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“wow... the computer crashed and it retained all the data, talk about one solid program” alin steglinski

“As a Dell PC owner, I am very jealous of the utilities and powertools available to the Mac owner. I'd love to have MiniBattery Logger, it just impresses me. Why can't I have apps like this on Windows?” intelman on channel9

“You have no idea how usefull your software’s been. It made me realize my late 2006 macbook was having battery problem, which allowed me to get a replacement from an apple store here in my country. ” F. Litenstein Goldzweig

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  • Version: 1.8.5
  • Released: 6 Sep 2009
  • License type: Shareware

MiniBatteryLogger monitors your laptop’s battery, traces the graph of charge and amperage over time, compares your battery with other users, logs relevant power events and alerts you with Growl notifications.